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Contact: Jeannette Treen
Email: Youngwarriorsforjesus@gmail.com

Jeannette Treen encourages children to know that with God, all things are possible.
The book stresses that the only way to be clean from sin, is to say YES to Jesus and follow His ways.

She believes that even at a young age, it is important for Christians to understand the power of His Holy Spirit in each person – with a goal of accomplishing victory over evil. “I pray that readers of this book say YES to Jesus so they can enter Heaven and not hell,” states the author. “My book about the gift of salvation is explicit yet simple to understand.”

For more information about this book or author, you may visit the “Young Warriors for Jesus” Facebook page.

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My portfolio of art spans many genres, but my love of people makes portraits and figure painting a main focus of my work. I’m also continually amazed by how God works in my life so I dedicate a major portion of my time to creating inspirational Christian themed artwork as well. Much of the  artwork is done by airbrush using acrylic paint on canvas and paper sheet material such as illustration board. Also, there are times I may enlist brushes as well as airbrush.  If you are interested in purchasing my artwork browse through my gallery to see what is currently available. In addition to my original artwork, you will also find Giclee prints on canvas and photo-prints on high quality photo-paper for sale. I also do commission work as well and if you’re interested in having a piece of art created specifically for you, please contact me.​
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With God all things are possible...simple....believe..Seek.."He" will answer.